Benefits for Event Producers

Tradeshow and conference producers are constantly looking for ways to distinguish their events and provide innovative ideas to attract attendees and benefit exhibitors. At the same time, they must find new, profitable revenue streams for their business model.

With the Green Box™ Solution, event producers can display their commitment to the environment in a way that reduces overall costs to exhibitors, create new profitable revenue opportunities for their event and provides attendees with a solution to the age old problem of tradeshow clutter.

Offering the Green Box Solution to exhibitors at tradeshows lowers the total cost of participation for the exhibitors. In doing so, several positive results take place. First, the “affordability” of the tradeshow is higher when the ViridiSTOR Solution is used. Next, having every exhibitor assured that they are “never completely missed,” levels the playing field while further justifying participation at the event. In offering the ViridiSTOR Solution, the event producer will realize complementary, profitable revenue opportunities for sponsorship, advertising and more.

From conference materials, to actual film trailers at film festivals, the ViridiSTOR Solution holds something for everyone. When it comes to “collecting the information” at all types of events, it takes time which is money. ViridiSTOR helps out by doing the “collecting” for you. And when the Presenter USB is used, events produce smaller guides or catalogs, which save the producer money – all while offering more and complementary sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

ViridiSTOR has developed a number of different pricing models that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an event. Depending on an event producer’s involvement in promoting and supporting the Green Box™ Solution, there are opportunities for advertising sales and additional revenue streams created from the Green Box™ Solution.



Event Producers