Benefits for Attendees

The ViridiSTOR Green Box™ Solution greatly enhances the event experience for attendees at trade shows, conferences, meetings etc. In this digital, post-paper age, the ViridiSTOR Presenter USB frees trade show or conference attendees from being weighed down by a bag of catalogs, brochures, and flyers. Industry studies agree – 80% or more of physical handouts are left behind before attendees return home. And no one enjoys lugging 40 pounds or more of paper around an event, and certainly not paying for “over weight luggage fees” due to the bags of paper or binders of static information.

At trade shows, when an attendee would like information from an exhibitor, they simply insert their Presenter USB drive into the exhibitor's Green Box™ and the information is downloaded in seconds. And information has never been more powerful or diverse – images, documents, catalogs, sample software and even video – all under the management of the Presenter application.

For conferences, film festivals and more, the Presenter USB is pre-loaded with all of the materials for the event, eliminating the need for binders of information, and static representations of presentations. The Presenter makes the accessing and sharing of information quick and powerful. From searching on topics to even keywords, the user will be able to make the most of the content on the Presenter USB. And since the content can include any digital file, the value of conferences, film festivals and more just took on a new and much more useful value to attend.

At a convenient time, the attendee simply inserts their Presenter USB drive into a Mac or PC and launches the Presenter application. With the Presenter an attendee is able to view an electronic Welcome Page, see a list of all exhibitors with their contact and social media information, and access all of the materials they downloaded from the show.



Event Producers