Benefits for Exhibitors

The ViridiSTOR Green Box™ Solution provides exhibitors with a new way to ensure that convention attendees receive literature and materials. Studies have shown that 80%+ of materials handed out by exhibitors never makes it home. Even more striking, up to 95% of all tradeshow collateral that does make it back goes unread. Then one of the top expenses of the average exhibitor's budget is effectively wasted, even if the material is handed out to a potentially qualified attendee.

There are multiple reasons why this occurs. Some attendees simply collect information with no intention of ever reading it. Others may have an interest, but are not actively in the buying mode. Still others may gather so much material from various exhibitors that they are unable to find the information they want when they need it. Finally, over-weight baggage fees cause most conference and tradeshow attendees to discard materials at the airport rather than pay to take them home. Let’s face it – we are living in a digital post-paper era and everyone wants to “consume” information on their computers – especially video!

No other solution ensures that exhibitors are “never completely missed.” It is a big deal. Attendees have limited time to spend at each exhibitors’ booth, and at larger venues, it is simply not possible to visit all of the booths. The exhibitors miss out as much as the attendee – as that is a sale that might not ever take place. With the basic listing of the exhibitor on the Presenter USB, even if the attendee misses the booth, the basic metadata about the exhibitor and their products/services is included in addition to key contact and social media information. And with the Presenter’s “missed content” feature, the attendee can still review the information that they would have otherwise received had they visited the booth and collected the information to their Presenter USB.

The Green Box™ Solution reduces one of the most significant items in the “total cost of participation” at an event: the printing, shipping and drayage of paper-based marketing materials. In addition to the cost savings, (the Green Box™ Solution is typically less expensive than the cost of printing and shipping materials to a show) the odds of an attendee actually reading the materials collected from a show greatly increase. This is because materials are neatly organized within the Presenter application on every USB drive. And since exhibitor material can be browsed, categorized, and searched and more, attendees are able to find and utilize information with much greater efficiency than in a paper-based world.

With the Green Box™ Solution, exhibitors can now distribute a wide range of content, including high resolution images, movies, electronic brochures, and entire product catalogs in a cost effective manner. The addition of these materials provides attendees with a much greater trade show experience. And because all exhibitor contact information and social media links is listed on the Presenter, exhibitors have the opportunity to be contacted after the show, even if an attendee never visited their booth.



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