ViridiSTOR LLC was founded in 2008 by Terry Mullin and leading technology company executives who bring decades of experience in the computer hardware and software industries to the company’s focus on distribution of non-paper based electronic information for the trade show and conference industries. ViridiSTOR is headquartered in Southern California, USA and has representation in England.

The name ViridiSTOR is derived from the Latin word viridis, meaning "green", and the Old French stor, meaning "storage".

ViridiSTOR is pronounced veer-ih-diś-stor, with the accent on the third syllable.

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At ViridiSTOR, we believe that doing right for the environment doesn't have to come with a high price tag. Our solutions are designed to utilize technology in a way that provides great value while reducing the expense and environmental impact associated with traditional methods.

We introduced the Green Box™ Solution in May of 2010 to reduce the cost and the environmental impact of information management and distribution for trade shows and association or professional organization conferences and expositions.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of shows and events while reducing overall expenses and enhancing the experience for all parties involved, show owners and organizers, exhibitors, and attendees.


“Their common sense approach to deliver information digitally in the full context of the event allows vast amounts of information to be delivered, including video. To quite literally have everything about a conference or meeting on the Presenter USB is very powerful. And by going paperless at the nearly 2 million events held annually in the United States alone can make a tremendous positive difference by not polluting water that could otherwise be used to sustain life.”


Dr. Adil Najam
Dean of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University
2007 Nobel Prize recipient

“Considering the tremendous amount of information that the USB potentially holds, by going paperless we avoid the printing, shipping and waste of paper. That, in turn, is better for the environment. It’s a win, win situation.”


Joe Preston
International President of Lions Clubs International

“The USBs really are a hit! Festival attendees for years have wished for a more digital means of sharing the great films at festivals, but only printed programs were available. Now with the ViridiSTOR Presenter USB, attendees, VIPs and press alike will receive a digital memento to enjoy the event. The USB delivers trailers and full-length versions of the films by genres, producer/director/cast information, contact and social media information and more. And since it is digital, it helps make our festival more ‘green’ and sustainable than ever before.”


Courtney Pledger
Executive Director
HSDFF (Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival)

“The ViridiSTOR system holds great promise for eliminating tremendous amounts of trash right here in our own backyard. It’s calculated that if every attendee at the IBEX Show had gathered just 15 pounds of literature each – which is probably far less than most people took away – that would have amounted to more than 40 tons of paper, or the equivalent of almost 1,000 trees that could have been saved.”


Jerry Abramson
Louisville, KY

“Everyone at the show seemed to love it and I personally think it is outstanding. I am a big believer in it. The impact of using it is great for the environment. It is great for show attendees. Carrying around exhibitor materials can get heavy and most of it gets tossed in the garbage anyway.”

“Beyond Go Green Expo, I think there is definitely potential to partner with my Luxury Review series of press events that cover all things luxury. It will be great for the press at these events to walk away with a USB drive with all of the elements they need to do their press follow up.”


Bradford Rand
Go Green Expo
Rand Luxury Events & Luxury Technology Show

“After seeing how attendees received the ViridiSTOR solution at a recent event, and how the Fisker story was told, we knew we had to work with ViridiSTOR. They not only included all of our marketing materials for the Karma and future products, but included the key owner information. With the Fisker-ViridiSTOR USB, our owners were able to take away ‘everything Fisker’ on the USB including ‘how-to’ guides and videos to maximize the enjoyment of their Karma.”


Marcelo Sandoval
Sales and Finance Manager
Fisker of Orange County

“One man....single highhandedly...doing more for sustainability than anyone else in this industry. Go Terry Mullin Go”

Paul Bridle at IMEX America, 2012

“Initially, we considered an app for our events,” said Rand. “What we found is that an app is typically a digital replacement for an event or conference guide that can offer schedules, maps, some social media linking and an extremely short synopsis of a product or presentation. However, they don’t deliver ‘the goods’-- the content both attendees and exhibitors want and need including handouts of the presentations, exhibitor brochures or HD videos which was important at this year’s event,” added Rand.

“Additionally, the ViridiSTOR USB offers an added benefit for our sponsors as well,” noted Rand. “Typically, when an event ends and collateral is discarded, so does our sponsor’s message, however with ViridiSTOR’s USB, the sponsorship or advertisement not only lives on, but can be distributed to an entire organization with the click of the mouse. This adds great value to our sponsorship program as well as the exhibitors’ marketing materials.”

Bradford Rand
Rand Luxury & Rand Expos

“Everyone grimaces when you talk about ‘going green’ because it is so difficult to prove their solutions actually save money or reduce a company’s carbon footprint.”

“The ViridiSTOR Green Box system seems to achieve the target value propositions for saving money, for simplifying a complex business process and for significantly reducing the environmental impact of trade shows, conferences and corporate events."

"This is quite simply a more useful and powerful solution for the problem of providing corporate and marketing information to thousands of users at events like these."

“Trade show and event managers get to offer a versatile and practical new service to their corporate users. Exhibitor companies get to eliminate their second largest event expense – the printing, shipping, inventory and handling of promotional literature for events. Management of convention centers and meeting facilities reduce their costs by eliminating the single biggest source of post-event waste – since trade shows are second only to the construction industry in the volume of waste produced. And event attendees no longer have to lug around hundreds of pounds of paper at an event – plus they get powerful USB-based device that lets them manage all event-related information during the event and can be used as a high capacity computer storage device when they’re done with it.”


George R. Anderson
BDO Seidman, LLP, Accountants & Consultants

“ViridiSTOR’s approach is a “perfect example” of “keeping a broad sense of vision. They looked beyond just the high-technology thing because there is a lot of low-hanging fruit. They took a very simple idea – to reduce the amount of paper at a trade show. And it has really profound economic impact. I think this is a good example of a broad sense of vision where you are not necessarily looking for the most high-technology solution, but looking for a very practical solution.”


Matthew Jenusaitis
OCTANe President & CEO

“The Green Box provides an eco-friendly way for us as exhibitors to provide all of our promotional content. It will definitely help us to eliminate the need for a lot of paper.”

“With everyone today being so plugged into their computers it is a great way of getting the information to people in the way they are looking for it. And it is very cost effective. Whether video content or brochures, it eliminates the need to make multiple copies saving cost and the environment as well.”


Laura Meyer
Founder and CEO
Ultimate Green Store

“We have never seen anything like the ViridiSTOR Presenter. Our clients use our services to find that ‘once in a lifetime’ event and we can see how using the ViridiSTOR application we can provide them more information, and also allow them to personalize it with their own ratings, notes and more. Everyone loved what they saw on the ViridiSTOR USB.”


Sarina May
D1 Ultimate-GT

“Assembling content was amazingly easy. Simple links to PDF files are really all that is needed to get information to your customer."

"But if you want to go beyond the basics, there’s potential here to deliver so much more. And it doesn’t have to be static content, you can make it even more interesting for your customer than traditional paper content ever was. For example, we have a brand new line of power-actuated products, and for us to be able to show them actually in motion, working — as opposed to a still photo in a brochure — is really cool!”


Jeff Smith
Marketing Manager
Taylor Made Systems

“I ended up going to the U.S. Post Office in Louisville and mailing 21 pounds of literature back home since there was no way I could have included it all with my carry-on luggage. In addition, I still had material in my briefcase and I didn’t collect everything I would have liked to because of the hassle of transporting it all."

“I think it is very significant that the marine industry will be the first to sponsor a paperless trade show. This is certainly something to brag about and is consistent with the advanced technology going into contemporary marine products generally. This is one more example of our industry's effort to innovate and remain at the leading edge of technology. Show participants will appreciate ViridiSTOR's digital solution to the costly and cumbersome problem of disseminating product information at our trade shows.”


Mark Tracy
Valley Isle Marine Center

“We are impressed with the Green Box solution because it truly promises to significantly reduce or eliminate the distribution of paper materials at our boating industry shows and conferences, and to reduce the cost of exhibitor participation in the shows.”

“New approaches to reducing costs and protecting our environment are more important today than ever.”



Thomas Dammrich
Co-Director, IBEX
President, National Marine Manufacturers Association

“It can get costly and is a bummer sometimes handing out materials to attendees of a show when you know that it may go nowhere. With the Green Box, I don’t need to worry about running out of materials or whether or not someone is a qualified prospect.”

“Our product is largely video based. I want somebody to look at my video clips. So with the USB and the Presenter application, users can just click and start viewing. It is faster and easier than having to load a DVD. It is definitely more efficient and ultimately more economical for me.”


Stephanie Rach
IAG Media Inc.

"The biggest thing for me is that it offers a lower cost per impression. It’s quick and it’s easy and will definitely cut down on the volume of paper that people take to a show and bring home from the show."

“We had already started going down this path and this system validates our actions. This year we shipped the lowest volume of hard copies ever to (the) IBEX (Show). I had already placed my literature order before I was even in contact with ViridiSTOR. We just feel it’s so much easier to get people specific pieces they need electronically, when they need them, and there’s no need to send anything and everything just to have it end up in a trash can."

Sam Lamers
Marketing Manager
3M Marine

"One of the key advantages of the ViridiSTOR system is the ability to supplement existing print materials with information that can’t be printed, like video, animation and PowerPoint presentations."

"The Green Box solution makes a huge difference at shows where we now have the ability, in a one-stop process, to provide people with valuable information in a variety of formats that are easier for them to read, view and use. Given the quantity and breadth of our product lines for the marine market, being able to show our customers relevant videos and promotional materials is ideal for demonstrating our products features and benefits."


Adrian Rushforth
Sr. Director, Canadian Marketing
Strategic Planning North American Shows & Events
Mercury Marine

“A week or so ago, I spent my evening networking at the Luxury Review Event held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. ViridiSTOR was one of my favorites – All of the press kits were placed onto a USB flash memory device, which I LOVED because I didn’t have to walk around with tons of papers and brochures that I would simply throw away after completing my post, and it made it easier to attached pictures, logos, and company information to the blog post. One of the key advantages of the ViridiSTOR system is the ability to supplement existing print materials with information that can’t be printed, like video, animation and PowerPoint presentations.”


Erica J.
Editor in Chief
New York, NY

“Our products lend themselves to demonstrations. Being able to create videos for inclusion on the Green Box and having the ability to give customers the information that we were going to share anyways while educating them on how it works provides great value to us.”

“The ability to replicate content and provide it to others over a computer network is a great value. As opposed to an ad that may get passed along to one or two others, the ability to share electronic content means so many more impressions and chances for people to see our product.”

“It is going to completely revolutionize the industry. It means less trees having to be cut down. People tend to spend more time in front of their computers nowadays than even reading, so this is definitely the way to go.”


Tik Yip
VP Marketing
Silo Ink

“Customers visiting our booth used to be given a binder containing seven different brochures for different product lines. Now, all they have to do is plug a memory stick into the Green Box and leave our booth with all of that information and more.

That’s huge! It’s saving us money and making our customers’ lives easier. The ViridiSTOR solution seems like all upside to me.”


Mike Oathout
VP Sales & Marketing
Taylor Made Systems
a division of Taylor Made Group, LLC

“We have been considering many methods of providing our current and prospective clients with information relevant to our business. Until we learned of ViridiSTOR we were not convinced that we could effectively present them with information in a format that was easy to manage, but most importantly in a format that we could be sure they would retain. ViridiSTOR added another dimension that we had not considered by providing our information in a format that encourages them to share it well beyond their own use. I am thoroughly convinced that the ViridiSTOR device will be the one item that we can be sure the attendee will retain once they return from the show."

“The freight costs to carry multiple cases of our 400 page catalog to a trade show, combined with the cost of the publication itself, is very significant. The physical weight of the catalog discourages many prospective clients from carrying one home so they request them to be mailed to their offices after the show."

"That added mailing cost, combined with the return freight for the undistributed catalog is even more significant. Without even factoring in the ViridiSTOR system’s ability to also distribute individual brochures, technical drawing and multimedia files, we see it as a great value."


Peter Braffitt
General Manager
GEMECO Marine Accessories

"The Green Box system is a powerful concept. It enables exhibitors to deliver dynamic multimedia packages to attendees far better than static printed materials. You don't need to be a web designer to create content, either, since it's simple to use. I'm sure attendees will appreciate accessing a wealth of information right on the USB stick, instead of wading through ten pounds of papers after a show."

"Electronic technology dominates most business operations now, so why are industries still so paper- dependent at shows? The concept behind the Green Box system is good for everyone – exhibitors can share a wealth of information about their companies, products and services without burdening the attendee with loads of printed materials.”


Kelly Flory
General Manager of PR
Firm Martin Flory Group

"The Green Box Solution is 'Simple Elegance'."


Melissa Gurniewicz
Project Manager, Trade Events
National Marine Manufacturers Association

“I am sure that there are many more start-up companies that would have loved to have come[to the Go Green Expo], but they just didn’t have the money to spend $70,000 on brochures. And now, they don’t have to [because of the ViridiSTOR Green Box solution].”


Gabriela Sosa
My Eco Village

“We are pleased to have been selected to work with ViridiSTOR in this environmentally-friendly endeavor. This will reduce the impact of paper-based delivery of information at conferences and trade shows, while helping reduce the cost of participation for exhibitors.”


Andrew Ewing
USB Business Manager
Kingston Technology

"I am excited about the possibilities and the efficiencies of your (Green Box) system. The ‘green aspect’ aside, the savings in printing and paper costs will be significant, not to mention the reduction in waste. Some aspects of our product are very technical and do not lend themselves to a brief conversation at the booth, and most people have time constraints. The ability of a prospective customer to download information that would allow for project planning as well as product usage and system layout in an environment of their choosing, is great. Another plus is the ability to share that information with other members of their team with the click of a mouse. Hats off to ViridiSTOR this looks like a home run.”


R.J. (Ric) Spriggs
U.S. Sales and Technical Service Manager
Capi 2 Power Distribution Systems

“The ViridiSTOR approach will save exhibitors at our IBEX Shows a big percentage of their show costs by not having to print literature, and it will give them an even more impressive way to use tools such as videos to market their wares to boat builders."

“In addition to having more creative ways to sell to attendees, this solution reduces the tonnage of refuse generated at shows and conferences and it makes life so much easier for attendees. They won’t have to lug around bags or binders filled with paper while at the show and they get such a versatile way to manage all the marketing materials and educational session handouts to make the best use of them.”


Carl Cramer
Co-Director, IBEX Publisher
Wooden Boat Publications