Everyone Wins!
Attendees, Exhibitors, Event Producers & the Environment

Benefits for Attendees

  • Ability to sort, search, and share content with co-workers and others
  • Keep all show materials organized in a single place in the Presenter application
  • No need to carry around tens of pounds of physical handout materials
  • Solves the problem of getting everything home
  • No exhibitor completely missed (access to all exhibitor contact & company/product information and other key metadata even if the attendee missed an exhibitor booth)
  • “Feel good” about doing good for the environment
  • High capacity USB drive for personal use once information is moved or “replicated” to the attendees’ computer

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Benefits for Exhibitors

  • Lowers the “total cost of participation” at a tradeshow by eliminating printed collateral for a fraction of the cost
  • Eliminate costs of shipping materials to and from the event
  • No booth is ever “completely missed”
  • Attendees leave with materials in hand with no Internet connection required
  • Exhibitor never runs out of materials
  • Easy to create content
  • Supports the widest range of electronic files (pdf, html, audio, video, multimedia – ANY digital file)

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Benefits for Event Producers

  • Lowers the exhibitors cost of participation at the event and the savings can be spent on more show services or larger booths etc.
  • Allows event producer to ensure that no exhibitor is “ever completely missed”
  • Additional profits through Green Box™ rentals and sponsorship and advertising opportunities
  • Reduces the cost of printing larger paper-based catalogs or binders of conference proceedings
  • Allows conference producers to include supporting digital content from speakers including video – adding even more value to their conference event
  • Positive PR for committing to reduce waste and environment

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Benefits for the Environment

  • Eliminates the waste produced by the 80%+ of paper-based event materials never making it home
  • Addresses the paper impact from handouts as the paper manufacturing industry is the largest industrial user of water per pound of finished product
  • Directly addresses the common sense sustainable practice of “reduce, reuse and recycle” – this simple solution makes a real impact
  • Quantifiably addresses the “reduce” of paper which in turn directly and indirectly addresses pollution of fresh water and the water crisis
  • Removes the other tremendous negative environmental impacts of events tied to paper use while opening the possibility for events becoming one of the more sustainable business gatherings held around the world

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