The Green Box™ Solution

The Green Box® Solution provides convenient digital delivery of materials at trade shows and events around the world. By conveniently delivering exhibitor “content” digitally to each attendee’s Presenter® USB, information delivery has never been easier or more sustainable.

How the Process Works

Event Producers
will offer our innovative solution to exhibitors along with other options to exhibiting (such as furniture, carpet, lead retrieval, etc.). Once exhibitors sign up for our service, all of the coordination and work is performed by ViridiSTOR.

sign up to rent booth space for a show can also rent the Green Box units for distributing electronic information materials in their booths instead of printing, shipping and handling tons of printed literature. Exhibitors are now able to better manage their distribution of electronic materials of all sorts. Think of the Green Box as a “digital brochure rack.”

will receive their Presenter USB when they arrive at a show and pick up their badges at the registration desk. Think of the Presenter USB as a “digital tote bag.” As the attendee moves from booth to booth, they simply insert the Presenter USB into the exhibitor’s Green Box receiving the digital information. From PDF’s to Word documents, and even video are quickly and conveniently loaded onto the USB. Attendees appreciate the convenience of not lugging 40 lbs. or more of literature around the show, only to discard 80% or more before heading home. The Presenter application software supports language preferences for information downloads if supported by the tradeshow. Visitors from multiple countries thus may specify they want to get e-literature in their native language or in English, as the default when materials aren’t available in other languages.

The ViridiSTOR Presenter® USB

The Presenter application included on the ViridiSTOR USB form the user interface that manages the information or “content” on the USB. It “presents” it in an intuitive fashion that can be accessed on either a Windows or Macintosh computer. Unlike any other application, the award winning and patented Presenter makes information more valuable.

The Presenter does more than display the information – it’s literally a digital asset management tool for the masses. Users will be able to quickly search, sort, filter and find information. And when they find what they need, they can “personalize” it by setting favorites, assigning ratings, creating their own categories and more. And with customizable and savable filters and searches, the content of the event becomes even more valuable. Other capabilities include exporting metadata to CSV file formats for importing into CRM applications or to HTML to be shared with any tablet or smart phone device. And since the content is on the Presenter USB, you can use it anytime you wish without an Internet connection. And when you do wish to connect with any of the exhibitors or speakers from the event, our patented QuickMedia® feature presents all of the social media and contact information with a click of the mouse.