Digital Asset Management and Presenter USB delivery

Conferences, meetings, film festivals and educational symposiums etc. all have something in common. The need to collect content through the ViridiSTOR web interface and then produce “the event on the USB” for use. The system allows event participants to quickly and easily deliver their digital content to the ViridiSTOR servers, where the content is then mastered onto the USB and used under the management of the patented Presenter® application.

ViridiSTOR Presenter® USB

The Presenter application included on the ViridiSTOR USB form the user interface that manages the information or “content” on the USB. It “presents” it in an intuitive fashion that can be accessed on either a Windows or Macintosh computer. Unlike any other application, the award winning and patented Presenter makes information more valuable.

The Presenter does more than display the information – it’s literally a digital asset management tool for the masses. Users will be able to quickly search, sort, filter and find information. And when they find what they need, they can “personalize” it by setting favorites, assigning ratings, creating their own categories and more. And with customizable and savable filters and searches, the content of the event becomes even more valuable. Other capabilities include exporting metadata to CSV file formats for importing into CRM applications or to HTML to be shared with any tablet or smart phone device. And since the content is on the Presenter USB, you can use it anytime you wish without an Internet connection. And when you do wish to connect with any of the exhibitors or speakers from the event, our patented QuickMedia® feature presents all of the social media and contact information with a click of the mouse.

ViridiSTOR Presenter® Screenshots


Welcome Page


Seminar Content Page


Grid View and Much More


Detailed View



The Welcome Page is the first page the user sees every time they start the Presenter USB and is used to promote and complement what would be on a printed event guide or mobile app guide. Its intuitive navigation side-bar displays the types of content, so users find what they want quickly. Also on the Welcome Page is the banner sponsorship that allows a sponsor to have their message seen from any of the tabs of the Presenter. Other sponsorship opportunities exist on the Welcome Page that both recognize contribution and allow for contributors messages to be seen.
Custom content pages are created for every event. On the content page for a conference, information about the session, the speaker, and supporting information is presented including supporting documents, their actual presentation and video! From all views, the user has the ability to “personalize” the content to make it most useful for themselves.

ViridiSTOR Content Management

The patented ViridiSTOR web interface makes the collection and organizing of content of all types efficient and cost effective. The ViridiSTOR team works with the event organizer to set categories and other parameters for content of the event. Then ViridiSTOR sends email instructions on how to deliver their “content” to all of the participants (organizations who will be creating content and presenting at the event such as conference speakers, film submitters, etc.). Any number of participants who create content can deliver it to the ViridiSTOR system through the system’s web interface. Once all of the content has been collected, the ViridiSTOR team works with the event organizer to create a custom Welcome Page in addition to other supporting content pages that may apply to the conference including sponsorship and advertising pages.

Now in less than 10 minutes, participants of the event (speakers, film submitters, etc.) that would otherwise have to be “pushed” and reminded constantly to get their information back to the event producer for simple print inclusion at the event get all of their materials including important contact and social media metadata easily. Our intuitive workflow guides even the novice users through the system quickly and painlessly.