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The ViridiSTOR Green Box™ Solution

The Green Box™ Solution is revolutionizing the distribution of literature and marketing materials at trade shows, conventions, and conferences. The Green Box™ Solution is available to exhibitors through event organizers and show management companies and allows attendees to collect and organize a wealth of information on a free USB stick.

The Green Box™ Solution is a self-contained system that utilizes the latest in hardware, software, and Internet technologies to dramatically reduce the cost and environmental impact of paper-based literature and informational materials.

ViridiSTOR provides a cost-effective and efficient way to replace paper-based materials with electronic versions, in virtually any format including audio and video. Attendees simply download the desired information from an exhibitor’s booth directly onto a complimentary USB flash memory device is provided to all attendees as part of the show registration process.

Everyone Wins! Show Owners, Exhibitors, & Attendees